Raising Children To Be Rich

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Are you raising children to have a millionaire mind? Do you realize what you are really teaching your kids about money? If you want to be raising your children to be rich, then you need to pay very close attention to what you are teaching, both consciously, and sub-consciously.

The work to create a millionaire mind begins before the child is born. In order to be the best teacher, we need to be well aware of exactly what we are teaching. The very core of teaching children about money is in our mindset - our beliefs about money. If we want our children to attract money, we need them to appreciate and love money - not think of it in any negative fashion.

This site breaks down the skills you need to learn in raising children to have a millionaire mind. It begins with your preparation before his/her birth and continues all the way through to adulthood. This site focuses only on raising children to be rich - not on other aspects of raising children.

Raising children to be rich is a full-time job. Not only does it benefit your child, but it also benefits yourself and your whole family. At each stage of child rearing that we discuss, you will discover powerful techniques and specific resources to help you and your children develop abundance-attracting psyches.

At first, this may require a bit of work on your mind. But it can be fun and challenging to do! The result is your successfully raising your child to become rich while you improve your own life, as well!

Learn Each Step

Discover each step to take as your child grows. We start in the preparation for your child. Then we proceed all the way through to each phase of enjoying your baby as he/she grows into a fine man or woman.

Even if your child is already a teenager, there are things you can do to help him/her develop that millionaire mind. Though it is nice to be able to "start from scratch" - you can start at any point. Everything you do will help, no matter how old your child is.

As you teach your child the mindset of the wealthy, you will develop that same mindset, yourself. As your child learns, he/she will teach others in his/her generation. Then, when your sweet child has a prodigy of his/her own, you will see your grandchild exhibiting immediately the mindset of the wealthy.

Raising happy children who are also money magnets is possible! Learn the attitudes and beliefs you and your children need in order to produce millionaires. Learn how to develop those mindsets by exploring this website..

How To Browse This Website

This site is divided into parts. The first part addresses each stage of childhood and how to raise the child at that stage to encourage eventual attraction of wealth. If your child is already 33 years old, that doesn't mean you only look at the section on the adult child. Yes, you look at that section first. Then, go back to the basics, and read from the very beginning so you can pick up what you may have missed. It is never too late. Yes, it is harder once one's attitude has already been developed, but if you and your "child" are motivated, the changes can still take place all the way up to age 133!

The links to the childhood pages are listed below:


Stages of Childhood

Planning for Children

First Signs of Pregnancy







Middle School

High School

After High School



Another part of the Raising Children to be Rich site addresses the primary skills you must be teaching throughout your child's life which lead toward attracting money. Preferably you already have these skills, but you can develop them, too, as you are teaching your child. The links to those pages are listed below:


Teaching Children About Money

Attitude Towards Money

Living in the NOW

Mind Over Matter

Rich People

Self Talk - Your Inner VoiceTaking Time for Yourself


Another section of this site is "Millionaire Mindset". It consists of direct links to pages referred to on other pages as well as other information related to raising children to have a millionaire mind. These pages are listed here:


Millionaire Mindset

Authority Figures

Building Self Esteem

Hidden Messages

Positive Self Talk

Rich People

Teacher Aide

Teaching Kids About Money

Think Before You Speak

What is Responsibility


And then there are miscellaneous pages such as advice, questions, other resources, etc.




Table of Contents

Child Development Stages
At each of the child development stages, there are opportunities for teaching children about money so that he/she can develop a millionaire mind.
Teaching Children About Money
Teaching children about money involves many skills which you also need to teach as you are raising them to be rich.
Millionaire Mindset
Besides the basic skills, in order to develop a millionaire mindset in our children, we need to help them formulate other strengths evolving from the basic ones we are teaching.
This miscellaneous group consists of administrative and general information pages.
Sitemap for Raising Children to be Rich